Intresting facts about America

Intresting facts about America

America is one of the most developed countries in the world, but you will be surprised to know that only the most American people in the world spread pollution, similarly there are many interesting things related to America which will surely surprise you.
Intresting facts about America
Intresting facts about America

Intresting facts about America

1). Every 45 seconds, a house in America burns with fire.
2). America’s Wabash and Indiana are the first cities in the world to use electricity for lighting.
3). There are about 56 million dogs in America.
4). Married couples in the US have a poverty rate of 6.8%. The poverty rate of the households in which only single women live is 37.1%.
5). Every year 80 million tonnes of paper is used in America.
6). At the time of the American Revolution, maize cost 10,000%, wheat cost 14,000%, flour cost 15,000% and cow’s mass cost 33,000% more.
7). In 1950, 5% of all newborns in the US were born to unmarried parents. Currently this number is above 40%.
8). The highest mountain peak in America is named Mount McKinnel. Its height is 6,194 meters.
9). In more than half of the US states, the state’s highest paid government employee is a football coach.
10). Hawaii is the newest state in the United States and became a US state in 1959.
11). Most of the cyclones in the world fall in the central part of the US and from where it originates is called Tornado Allel.
12). The most populous city in the United States is New York, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.
13). In 1867, the United States gave only 72 lakh dollars to Russia for Alaska, which today is worth Rs 1 per acre. Alaska is the largest state in the United States in terms of area.
Intresting facts about America
Intresting facts about America
14). The government controls 32 percent of the land in the United States. intresting facts about America.
15). Ever since America has used Eddie worn slippers in war, it has not lost a single war.
16). America’s first capital was New York, but was later changed to Washington DC.
17). The number of animals in Montana city of America is 3 times more than humans.
18). The earliest coinage of the Americas was introduced in 1794. This coin was made of silver.
19). The Dutch were once empowered over New York and called New Amsterdam.
20). America’s Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport.
21). Nearly every American drinks 600 cold drinks a year.
22). There are three cities in America named “Santa Claus”.
23). Indians did not have the right to take US citizenship until 1924.
24). America has no official language.
25). America is the most obese country. Its 33 percent population is overweight.
26). The US Navy is the world’s second largest Navy and the Air Force is number one.
27). In America, you can only drive a car when you are 16 years old, keep a pistol and vote only when you are 18, and you can buy alcohol only when you are 21.
28). 18 percent of Americans still believe that the sun revolves around the earth.
29). 63 percent of American youth cannot find Iraq on the map.
30). 1 percent of Americans have 33 percent of America’s wealth. 50 percent have only 2.5 percent of wealth.
Intresting facts about America
Intresting facts about America
31). 1 in 8 couples married in America is a couple who met online last year.
32). What are the most known plants in the air city of America?
33). White house is located in Washington DC and has 132 rooms.
34). In 1913, about one million cars were sold in America.
35). On an average, 60,000 people pass over the United States in an hour by plane.
36). The world’s first telephone directory book was published in America in 1878. It had only 1 page and 50 names were registered on it.
37). Americans throw in 40 million newspapers every day.
38). In America, a survey conducted on 50-year-old humans has revealed that only 12% of them were able to say that they are “very happy”.
39). The average weight of each woman in America is 50 kg.
40). In the US, an average of 800 cyclones occur every year.
41). The definition of success of 86% men includes only “having children”, while the proof of women is only “73%”.
42). On average Americans eat 6 times more protein than needed every day.
43). Americans throw 50 million bicycles every year.
44). Americans consume 35000 tons of pashta every year.
45). Americans save less than 1 percent of their income.
46). Every American uses an average of 8 batteries a year.
47). Americans eat ice cream more than any other country in the world.
48). Americans sign 42 million checks every year.
49). If you write the names of all 50 states of America in English language, then you will use all the letters except ‘Q’.
50). Americans eat as many pizzas every day as they do 18.

Intresting facts about America.

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